Physical Education



PE / Health


Elective High School Conditioning/P.E.
Deary Jr. /Sr. High School


This class serves two purposes. First, we want to increase your personal level of fitness. This will be accomplished by exercise in the areas of flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. Second, we want to increase the sport-related fitness areas of strength and power, agility, quickness and speed. Weight training, core exercises, agility or quick feet drills and plyometrics will be used to accomplish.


Especially in the weight room, technique is important for performance, but even more for safety. Everything we do is safe if done correctly, this includes spotting.


Whatever your focus of exercise is, you are expected to participate in the whole program. All students are expected to dress down and take part in the class activity for the day. Exceptions include injury or illness.


Grading is based largely on participation. Improvement of your fitness level is also taken into account. Five points are available daily. The points you earn daily will depend on your effort. Your grade will be based on the percentage of points you have earned. If you do not suit down you will receive a zero. Three non-suits will result in an F for the quarter (grade may vary depending on previous grade).


Students must dress down to participate or receive a zero for that day. Shorts and a t-shirt are common uniforms. Sweats may be worn. All PE clothes must comply with the school handbook. Separate PE shoes are required. They must have non-marking soles. Unfortunately, many of the less expensive tennis shoes leave marks.

Locks and Lockers: 

Lockers and locks are available. There is no fee. However, a lost lock is a $10 charge            

Injury and Illness: 

Students who need to excused from participation need to have their parent contact me with a note or a phone call. After 3 days, a doctor’s excuse is required. Students with asthma or other chronic conditions need to inform me and have medication readily available. If you are injured during class, tell the teacher.

Junior High P.E.


1. When you come to class, you have 4 minutes after the bell to be dressed and ready for roll.

2. Make sure you go to bathroom during this time and before class starts.

3. You have to bring clothes to wear everyday in class and must have an extra pair of shoes to where when we have indoor P.E. No tank tops, hats and short shorts are allowed.

4. When I enter the locker room I want you seated and quiet ready for roll.

5. Talking while dressing needs to be quiet and under control, or this privilege will be taken away. There is no talking during roll.

6. Before you leave the locker room have everything locked in your locker. Anything that is stolen is not my responsibility.

7. You will each have a locker and a lock to lock your personal belongings. Knowing your combination is also your responsibility.

7. You are not allowed to leave the locker room until everything is picked up and cleaned. Anything left on the floor will result in running the next day.


1. Participation plays a huge part in receiving a good grade in P.E. class.

2. Dressing down everyday is required. For every three times you dont dress down you will drop a letter grade. This also relates to you forgetting you clothes.

3. Tests will be taken over rules and skills technique of some units.

4. You are expected to have a positive attitude and if you dont do this it will affect your grade.

Lifetime Sports

Students Will:

1. Be able to demonstrate various skills and techniques involved in an activity shown in class.

2. Understand the importance of staying active for a lifetime.

3. Understand the important of positive leisure time activities.

4. Be able to answer written questions about rules and safety for each activity.

Behavior: Each person is expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner and abide by all classroom, gym, and school rules.

Gym Rules: Please follow all rules. These rules are for your safety, not to punish or try to limit fun.

1. No hanging on backboards, nets or rims.
2. 5 minutes after last bell to be dressed and seated.
3.Be dressed everyday or receive a "0" for the day.
4.No hats, tanks or cut up t-shirts, and no short shorts.
5. Be courteous to others.

Grading: Physical Education is an activity based on class, therefore participation and attendance are crucial to success in the class.

1. Participation is grading on the amount of effort you putt into this class.
2. Written test or skill test on various units.
3. Discipline and attitude.